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Your Goals

Your Goals© is a goal-based learning system designed to help people put their learning into practice and achieve their goals. It can be accessed from computer, tablet or smartphone and allows users to connect socially to other people attempting the same goal. It includes a survey, library of resources which are user rated, real-world activities for users to complete, and supporting material delivered as text, images and video.

The pull approach

The pull approach to e-learning is based on what the learner wants to learn. It recognises that some learners don’t need to take the entire programme and that different learners enter the e-learning programme with different levels of knowledge

Take control

You will have autonomy over your learning and be more motivated to learn. As the delivery vehicle of choice, Your Goals is more interactive and engaging than traditional learning, because you learn what you need to learn when you want, and keeps extraneous information out.


It can be used standalone for delivering content and learning implementation and also works well as part of a blend of teaching methods (for example as an implementation and support system bolted on to face-to-face workshops or elearning courseware)

Check out the online demonstration of Your Goals

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Key benefits include:

◾Fast set up – no set up fee
◾Unlimited – we can put on as much material as you like
◾Low risk – start small and upgrade your subscription when you need to
◾Minimal learning curve
◾Mobile access – including Apple devices
◾Practical – people learn by doing
◾Measurable – individuals can see their improvement and so can you

◾Global reach – can be used with many thousands of concurrent users
◾Personalized learner journey – users only attempt the goals that matter to them
◾Innovative – breaks the barrier between work and training
◾Support on tap – when you need it
◾Affordable – clear pricing structure
◾Hosted – the only thing you need is a web browser
◾Own branding – make it look like your own system

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