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Virtual Team Training Course


This two day virtual team training course looks at the ways we can improve our experience and productivity whilst working in and managing a virtual team. Managing a team and the individuals within, is a challenging role and one that requires a sophisticated yet practical skill set.


Working remotely can be a difficult, lonely and sometimes frustrating experience; how do we keep track of the teams’ activities? How do we communicate effectively? How do we get and give support and last but not least, work with a variety of different cultures and documents across the globe!

The Challenges

This virtual team training course is interactive, providing lots of opportunity for learning through experience and discussion. The delegates will complete this course having increased their awareness of all the elements required to have a effective and successful team.

Designed for all virtual team members

Course Delivery methods

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Delegates will learn how to:

Understand and manage cultural and timezone differences
Know the Email and document control protocols
Know how to setup and plan an effective virtual meeting
Know how to manage and motivate without authority
How to get and give support

All participants will be given lots of practical tips and techniques
for immediate implementation into the workplace!

Programme modules

More . . .
  • Setting up a virtual team
  • Planning and preparation
  • Document Version Control
  • Virtual Team Meetings
  • Team Performance Management
  • Team motivation
  • Managing a virtual team
  • Time zones and scheduling
  • Email Protocols
  • Cultural differences
  • Managing without authority

All courses can be tailored for your particular situation and organisation

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