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Training Delivery

Why do we need training, simple truth is there is always something new to learn, a skill to refresh, a change to be managed.
At Your Impact, we know that learning comes through experience, so our training, whether face to face or virtual is full of doing, trying, experimenting, practising, with an experienced trainer providing knowledge, structure and support so that performance back in the workplace improves.

Who needs a trainer?
Quite frankly, anyone who has a performance based objective. Typically we work with C suite, directors and managers, who have a business objective to achieve and need additional knowledge, skill, support and resource to upskill themselves and their teams.

Who are the trainers?
At Your Impact our trainers, coaches and consultants are typically multi lingual with many qualifications and with a history of working and supporting large organisations. Based on your specific requirement we pair you with the right person for you, for your culture and for your industry and your skills requirement.

What do we provide training in?
At Your Impact we provide professional skills training, all the skills that professionals need to succeed. From Appraisal training to Customer Service, from First Time Management to Troubleshooting. Over the year’s we have built a reputation for and have specialised in Professional skills for the IT Crowd; from on-boarding programmes for the world’s largest IT software company to Helpdesk training for IT Service Providers, in-house and outsourced.

Wherever you wish, Face-to-Face or Virtual, we cover the world!

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