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Selling IT solutions Workshop

Learn how to propose an effective IT solution at the right price

Sell the right solution to the right people

This is a highly interactive and activity based workshop, you will get the opportunity to try out many techniques and understand how to ensure the customer need is met, how to demonstrate your effectiveness in order to fully understand the issue, gain the right information and data in order to provide the right IT solution.

Designed for Technical Account Managers and IT Sales people

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Delegates will learn how to:

Understand and use a structured approach for finding prospective customers
Know how to understand their pain/gain
Know how to position your offering to meet their need
Know how to support the customer to create the business case to raise the finance
Have a systematic follow up process for closing and growing your customers

All participants will leave with a system for prospecting, a roadmap for establishing the need, a proposal template, and a system for follow up and would have had lots of practice!

Programme modules

More . . .
  • Who are your potential customers?
  • The first meeting – establishing trust and the need
  • Talking their language, developing a trust based relationship
  • Where to find and meet potential customers?
  • Establishing budget, authority and resource challenges
  • Putting together a business case/proposal that serves the purpose
  • Implementing a system for follow up; closing and growing the customer

All courses can be tailored for your particular situation and organisation

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