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IT Troubleshooting Workshop

Train your It team to troubleshoot faster and more accurately

Troubleshooting Skills

This IT troubleshooting workshop provides engineers with troubleshooting tools and techniques. Regardless of their technology expertise, using a structured approach to troubleshooting, engineers are able to apply and solve IT issues quickly.

Customer Focused

Customers want speedy solutions. Customers want answers now. With productivity highly reliant on technology, time is literally money. Obviously, the faster we can solve the customer’s issue, the faster they can get back to work; productivity is therefore restored and the customer happy, a win-win.

Finding the IT Solution

Technical issues can be very complex. By breaking the issue down, asking relevant questions and applying the answers in a methodical structure, troubleshooting is much easier. Gaps in information can been seen. Patterns emerge. Asking different questions – i.e. ‘what would need to be in place for the system not to work?’ In order to collect, evaluate and test various hypotheses the right information is required. Accuracy is required. Honesty is required. Different people have different information. One piece of information missing can halt the whole IT troubleshooting process.

This workshop is aimed at IT engineers, however, this is an extremely useful life skill and would be very useful to anyone who has to solve technical and engineering problems.

Course Delivery methods

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Delegates will learn how to:

Understand and use a structured approach to troubleshooting
Know how to apply to their technology
Have a choice and practice of different tools and techniques available
Be able to solve issues using the IMPACT Cycle

This workshop explores how our minds work. How to train your mind, and manage
its behaviours are critical elements to successful IT troubleshooting.

Programme modules

More . . .
  • Thinking about your thinking
  • Introducing the IMPACT Cycle
  • The Process of elimination
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Precise questioning
  • How to implement into day to day cases
  • Practice sessions
  • Techniques
This is a highly interactive workshop that has many useful exercises, tools and techniques. This allows the engineer to practice his newfound skills in a safe environment. Applying the techniques to technical expertise will improve IT troubleshooting capability.
The human brain will cause havoc with our investigation. Subconsciously we make assumptions. We skip steps. If the engineer believes that the issue is a replica of a previous case, then all of the above are true. In today’s IT environment, each issue is unique.
IT troubleshooting is a skill in itself. It is about applying logic, structure and understanding how the human brain works. Understanding how to get accurate information. The workshop will give you the inside knowledge to get the customer to trust in you.

All courses can be tailored for your particular situation and organisation

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