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IT Roll-outs

Effective project management is key for successful IT roll-outs

IT Change Management

This 4 day course is aimed at providing teams with the ‘know-how’ and the ‘why to’ of implementing a strategy for successful roll-outs; whether that be an upgrade or install of a new IT system or any type of systems, process of policy roll-out project.

Designed for teams involved in delivering a project on time and on budget

Course Delivery methods

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Delegates will learn how to:

Understand the communication process
Plan the whole process from the ground up
Manage time, people and skillsets
Implement the 4 disciplines
Overcome project difficulties

The result of a poor roll-out can cost time, money and confidence

Programme modules

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Discipline 1: Vision and Focus

  • Understand the business need
  • Understand the business impact
  • Developing a strategy
  • Communicating the strategy
  • Knowing what resources are needed

Discipline 2: Organising Resource

  • Knowing EVERYONE that is involved
  • What skills are needed
  • Finding and organising skills
  • Finding and managing time
  • Know what other resources are needed/available
Discipline 3: Management and Communication

  • Team communication agreements
  • Team commitments
  • Team achievable
  • Team performance
  • Who else do we need to communicate with?

Discipline 4: Demonstrating Positive Results

  • Team communication agreements
  • Testing
  • Keeping Score
  • Providing and Receiving Feedback
  • Working and sharing value with the business
Any roll-out involves people, communication, goals, objectives, testing, endusers,
deadlines, and often a great deal of stress and overtime!
This workshop provides the framework and the 4 steps required to ensure a
successful roll-out, on time and on budget.
Your team will work on either a live project, up and coming project or a fictitious project. We can tailor the project to suit your needs.

All courses can be tailored for your particular situation and organisation

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