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Furkara Fabiano – Ghana

Furkara from Ghana is asking for a loan of £150 to help with his agricultural business.

Lend to someone like Furkara in Ghana today.

Juliet Manda – Malawi

Juliet from Malawi is asking for a loan of £70 to expand her milk production business.

Lend to someone like Juliet in Malawi today.

Naomia Mbewe – Malawi

Naomia from Usisya, Malawi is asking for a loan of £60 to buy stock for her fishing business.

Lend to someone like Naomia in Malawi today.

Deki Lender TrevorTrevor, UK
“It’s a great way of helping those who want to help themselves, their families and their communities.”

Deki Lender RowenaRowena, Bristol
“This is a small way which I can contribute, whereby the money goes straight to the person and not wasted on red tape!”
Deki Lender RuthRuth, Dorset, UK
“This is a brilliant charity, and microfinancing is a way to help people get themselves out of poverty.”
Deki Lender RobertRobert, London, UK
“Lending rather than giving to try and help people means my small donation can be repaid and re used multiplying the effectiveness and increasing the benefit time and time again”
Deki Lender HarshHarsh, UK
“I’ve been lucky to have wonderful support all my life. It’s nice to be able to offer a little support to others not so lucky in life!!”
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