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IT, Soft Skills & Business Management Courses

Our training courses are a highly flexible, efficient, cost and time effective way to get the maximum return on your training investment.
These business skills and IT courses been run throughout a number of high profile organisations – can be found below. These courses have a proven track record of success and have enabled our clients to enhance their performance.
The below list is not exhaustive; we can develop any training course around your needs by tailoring the agenda to your specific requirements, making the learning outcomes as bespoke as you need them to be.

IT Helpdesk Excellence

A bad helpdesk exchange can be frustrating for everyone involved, individuals and businesses alike. Your Impact specialises in bringing ‘soft skills’ into the IT arena, and making the helpdesk experience as positive and productive as possible.

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Troubleshooting workshop

This IT troubleshooting workshop provides engineers with troubleshooting tools and techniques. Regardless of their technology expertise, using a structured approach, engineers are able to apply and solve IT issues quickly.

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Business communication

Business Communications is the area that most businesses say they need to improve in. One mistake, whether it is a spelling error or a copy and paste error, it can have your customers feeling that they are not unique and properly cared for!

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Selling IT solutions

This is a highly interactive and activity based workshop, you will get the opportunity to try out many techniques and understand how to ensure the customer need is met, gain the right information and data in order to provide the right IT solution.

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This 4 day course is aimed at providing teams with the ‘know-how’ and the ‘why to’ of implementing a strategy for successful roll-outs; whether that be an upgrade or install of a new IT system or any type of systems, process of policy roll-out project.

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Virtual teaming

This two day virtual teaming workshop looks at the ways we can improve our experience and productivity whilst working in and managing a virtual team with the focus being team performance and therefore team spirit and team commitment.

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All courses can be tailored for your particular situation and organisation

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