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Course Content

We develop beautiful bespoke course content that is tied to training objectives

Creation of well thought out, impactful and structured course content takes time, resource, subject knowledge and expertise. Sometimes companies find themselves short of one or all of those resources and have used the resources at your impact. For example we created the worlds largest IT software company‘s in-house troubleshooting methodology, course content materials for both real and virtual classrooms and ran the associated train the trainer programme.

Anyone who needs to deliver or develop world class course content within a reasonable and fair budget.

We can create from scratch, we can convert your files to SCORM compliant online learning objects, we can create from one learning intervention such as a new product webinar, or sales sheet to a worldwide leadership programme in bite size seminars, all of which we have done!

Content is created at our offices in Bristol, however on occasions we will need to visit you for further information before and during the content creation phase.

Using many tools and techniques and being accredited in programmes such as Certified Online Learning Facilitators, we are highly experienced in development and design of short term interventions such as a lunch and learn session through to a competency framework and on boarding programme. Once again, all projects we have worked on.

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