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Training Consultancy

We can help you identify and fulfil your training consultancy needs

You probably know the answers to questions a consultant might ask, or you probably know someone who does have the answers, and if neither of those are true, then you probably do know how to get the answers; and you know that too!
So why, at your impact, do we feel we there are still many benefits in using training consultancy;

  • We get the ball rolling
  • Provide you with structure and guidance
  • We offer you objective and experienced insight
  • You have a greater chance of achieving the task

Gathering information and providing a business case for any performance improvement programme can seem daunting and a task in itself, often moved from to do list to to do list. Completely free of charge, with absolutely no obligation, book an hour online with us, we’d be delighted to speak with you and we will start asking you those questions and get the ball rolling. Think of it as FREE coaching, to get you started.

Who needs a consultant?
Quite frankly, anyone who has a performance based objective. Typically we work with C suite, directors and managers, who have a business objective to achieve and need additional support and resource

Who are the consultants?
At your impact our consultants are typically multi-lingual with many qualifications and with a history of working and supporting large organisations. Based on your specific requirement we pair you with a consultant that is most suitable.

At your impact we specialise in performance consultancy and are certified performance consultants. We use a process devised by ourselves after many years of experience. The process is called IMPACT, and we take you through each stage, from where you are now, through to where you wish to be. We specify the hurdles in between and recommend solutions for soaring over or demolishing hurdles and maintaining momentum and continuous improvement.

Initially a call or a virtual meeting. After the initial call, if you wish to continue talking with us, either we continue virtually or face to face at your premises or ours.

At your convenience

By getting started, let’s book that first call, it’s easy once the first step is made.

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