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Business Communication

Be more efficient with effective communications skills

Key Corporate Skills

Business Communications is the area that most businesses say they need to improve in. One mistake, whether it is a spelling error or a copy and paste error, it can have your customers feeling that they are not unique and properly cared for – it also sends a negative message to the marketplace about your company. In addition to this internal communication is at the hub of success, I am sure you would agree that most problems can be tracked back to the root of poor communication.

This course is at a basic level and covers all the important key areas of communication that each and every employee should be exposed to

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Delegates will learn how to:

Understand what is, and is not, an effective communication process
Communicate in the correct style
Plan your style for the audience
Develop an effective writing style
Develop your own communication strategy

This course creates awareness of the importance and value of good communication

Programme modules

More . . .

  • What is Business Communication?
  • A Model for Communication
  • Verbal vs. Nonverbal Communication
  • Communicating the strategy
  • Developing an Effective Writing Style
Developing a Business Writing Style

  • Identify the Role of Written Communication
  • The Qualities of Good Written Communication
  • Communication Checklist
  • Types of Audiences
Types of Business Writing

  • Business Letters
  • Letter Format Styles
  • Good News and Persuasive Correspondence
  • Positive Messages
  • Persuasive Messages
  • Report Writing
  • Netiquette

All courses can be tailored for your particular situation and organisation

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