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Want actionable people insights?

It’s easy with ProfilerLive assessments

Our People Intelligence & Analytics software automates the analysis of your people’s capabilities and competencies, providing the actionable insight you need to improve performance.

Fully interactive Survey & Assessment
Ask any question you like, in any way you like with real-time results at your fingertips.

Quickly and easily configure interactive qualitative surveys and quantitative assessments to baseline employees capabilities. Choose from a range of question types to deliver a blend of rich content including video with web-based real-time access from any time zone or location. ProfilerLive processes assessment data to auto-generate feedback for learners whilst real-time trend analysis gives you early insight into capability issues and potential compliance risks.

Precision targeted Training Needs Analysis
Ensure learning interventions are cost-effective by pinpointing skills gaps

With role-based access for data security, ProfilerLive analyses assessment answers, scores and results (stored in SQL or leveraged from existing systems) so you can examine Question Level data with drill-down analyses to individual learners, groups, and departments. Diagnose precise problems and trends and prescribe targeted learning interventions directly to employees to mitigate skills gaps. ProfilerLive also gives you the power to analyse the effectiveness of learning resources, and map them to learning styles.

Intuitive Training Management
Build tailored courses to mitigate risk with actionable people insights

Examine ProfilerLives competency heatmaps to spot trends, group learners based on competencies, and prepare relevant courses at individual, team or group level. With interactive course building and scheduling you can automate enrolment, assessment and reassessment to close the loop on training and mitigate risk. Create ‘mission critical’ skills profiles and compare with organisational capabilities to develop career path strategies that nurture and retain talent.

Best Practice Learning Evaluation
Improve learner engagement with dynamic feedback and automated accreditation

Facilitate self-directed learning and development by providing 24/7 access to results, resources, 360 feedback, and advice via tablet, laptop, or desktop. Embed best practice in your organisation by providing immediate feedback to learners via personalised Performance Dashboards that signpost live links to prescribed resources and courses. ProfilerLive then integrates the sign up process for recommended training courses, serves up pre-learning content and generates reminder notifications.

Dynamic Capability Dashboarding.
Calculate the value of predicted performance improvement

Interact with dynamic data in infographics, charts, and tables to perform what-if analysis, calculate training impact, and analyse performance improvement for scientific cost/benefit analysis of capability development programmes. Slice and dice the data to understand your Organisation’s Skills Profile and Performance Readiness – then easily export to Excel, or share with stakeholders via customised reports. ProfilerLive also makes it easy to locate talent with specific skill sets for projects or mentoring programmes.

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