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Your Impact

What we do

Your Impact helps IT professionals and other specialists improve their non-technical skills. We can work across the globe in a number of languages, provide a trackable ROI, and adapt our training to a range of needs.

Who we work with

Our training can be tailored to any number of sectors and levels, but Your Impact made its name working with members of the ‘IT crowd’ to develop a well-rounded skillset. We can provide bespoke executive coaching and consultancy, as well as workshops for entire departments and offices.

How we do it

Any way that works for you! We offer a range of learning and support options (available in multiple languages) including:
• Virtual and face-to-face workshops
• Executive coaching
• C Suite and Director Strategy workshops
• eLearning and eContent
So Your Impact can provide a solution to suit your needs, your budget, and your location.

Training Consultancy

We are certified performance consultants who take you through each stage, from where you are now, to where you wish to be. We specify the hurdles in between and recommend solutions for soaring over them and maintaining momentum and improvement.
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Course Content

Creation of well thought out, impactful and structured content takes time, resource, subject knowledge and expertise. Sometimes companies find themselves short of one or all of those resources and have used the resources at Your Impact.
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Training Delivery

We know that learning comes through experience, so our training, whether face to face or virtual is full of doing, trying, experimenting, practising, with an experienced trainer providing knowledge and support so that performance back in the workplace improves.
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Your Impact Ltd offer tailored support to corporate organisations looking to improve their return on investment and performance; from investigation all the way through to performance support solutions.

Depending on your needs, your industry and your budget we work with you in partnership to deliver a return on investment solution that meets your needs.
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We’re International

There are more than 40 performance consultants across the world using the Your Impact approach. We have consultants and facilitators fluent in many languages.

Our primary objective is to ensure the highest possible standards regardless of where we operate. For us this means undertaking a continuous process of assessment, supervision and development for all our associates across the globe to ensure they operate at the highest possible level at all times.
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Delivery Methods

Face to face learning

Face to face delivery is what many people think of when they imagine training. It’s any sort of training where the people learning are in the same room as the expert delivering the content.  Our face to face learning focuses on maximising the engagement and development of the learner, so it’s not enough to be an expert. We make sure everyone who delivers for us is engaging, passionate and inspirational. Our training is focused on helping learners take away as much as possible from every day they spend with us.

Virtual classrooms

A Virtual Classroom is a way of delivering training remotely via a computer. You access an online meeting space and participate in a live session on a given topic. All you need is an internet-connected computer and you’ll be able to link in to a live classroom, interact with your trainer and fellow learners, ask questions and have the class slides and notes delivered straight to your screen, all from wherever you are in the world.

On or offline content

We produce professional content for our customers; we make content available offline or online in whichever format you wish. We can create SCORM compliant content, in other words trackable on a Learning Management system, PDF’s, OneNote, Word, eBooks, traditional workbooks, however we encourage eco-friendly content.

Alternatively, we have an online platform, called Your Goals, which allows the student/delegate to choose their topics, and access experts, fellow students, learning content in Audio, Video, Live Links, Documents, Slide decks and resources. Check out the online video demo.

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